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Is Kratom Legal?

The use and sale of kratom is illegal in the city limits of San Diego, CA. However it’s perfectly legal to purchase or possess within all neighboring cities/counties throughout the rest of California!

Kratom is an evergreen tree found in Southeast Asian countries, like Indonesia and Thailand. In these areas of the world, kratom leaves have been used for both religious ceremonies and medicinal purposes with great success. Leaves are usually chewed fresh or chopped up to be cooked into a dish such as Javanese Kueh Tutu (fried rice cake). As interest in this natural herb grew worldwide, it became increasingly popular within U.S borders thanks to its ability to produce euphoric feelings when consumed either powdered or liquid form.

Where can I buy kratom in San Diego?

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What kinds of kratom are available?

When you need to get an edge in your day-to-day routine, kratom at The Kratom Store is exactly the boost you’ve been looking for. We carry everything from tablets and powders for tea, to extracts and capsules that can be enjoyed straight up or mixed into a favorite dish. No matter how you like it, we have what’s right for you. We carry multiple strains at the Kratom Store with powders, capsules, tablets and extracts in white, red, gold and green strains. 

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We are excited to meet you and show you all about kratom. Right now, it is legal in San Diego County except for the city of San Diego. If you have any questions about this, just contact us. We can't wait to see you soon!